Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beautiful Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Toho: #1 Trophy Bass Lake in USA! If you're hoping to catch some trophy bass during the next few months, your odds are better at Lake Tohopekaliga than anywhere else in the nation. So, come on down and treat yourself to the bass fishing trip of a lifetime! [Note: With the popularity of Florida fishing on the rise across the United States and abroad, it is important to book your guide trips as early as possible. The sooner you book, the more likely you will get the dates you prefer.

Gift Certificate: Need a unique holiday gift for someone special? How about a day of trophy bass fishing on Lake Toho? Just give me a call and a beautiful gift certificate will soon be on its way to you – a gift your special person will never forget!

Bass wishes, Capt.James Jackson (800) 738-8144 or cell: 407-288-9670

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pre- spawn on Lake Toho

Pre-spawn: As water temperatures approach the low- to mid-seventies, the bass begin to group in pre-spawn staging areas, setting the scene for a lot of action at these locations. Fishing Toho in the fall becomes a more productive and enjoyable endeavor because you don't have to run all over the lake, catching one fish here and another there. You can spend more time fishing in each location.  Bass wishes, Capt.Jackson  (800) 738-8144

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Fishing on Lake Toho

If you're hoping to catch some trophy bass during the next few months, your odds are better at Lake Toho than anywhere else in the nation. So, come on down and treat yourself to the bass fishing trip of a lifetime.

This is the season when the dog days of summer draw to an end with the beginning of November just around the corner, we gradually ease into fall. With the passage of several cold fronts, lake conditions begin to change. Water temperatures dip back into the 70's and water levels rise, approaching normal once again, which energizes the fish population in our Central Florida lakes. The Florida largemouth bass finds new vigor, and both fish and fishermen become more active.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Average Catches: On a good day at this time of year: Catches of 15-29 bass are common, with catches of 5 to 6 pound bass a daily occurrence. When it comes to bass in the 10+ pound class, it is not unusual to produce a couple each week. (As always, your personal statistics can be better or worse, depending on weather conditions.) And, for every bass you catch over 10 pounds, you can expect to lose one or two in the heavy grasses. Nevertheless, the months of October, November, and December offer you plenty of opportunity to hook big bass; but it's up to you to get them in the boat!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall is a Good Time for Catching Lake Toho's GIANT Trophy Bass !

The fall season has started on West Lake Tohopekaliga in the beautiful Kissimmee, Orlando
Central Florida area.This is the start of our peak season for trophy size Lake Toho bass.
Florida bass fishing on Lake Toho has been good. It's the middle of September and right now
we are fishing hydrilla beds, which is a submerged vegetation that is found on Toho's waters.
Big female bass are grouping up in their pre spawn staging areas. This may sound a little odd
for those of you that live up north. But,here in Central Florida our spawning season begins in
late November and goes thru the beginning of April. The spawning period for Lake Toho is a 5
month long event and gives us a peak season for  Toho's  lunker bass, fall through early spring.
Now, that you understand how our peak season and spawning period work. Lets get back to
what is happening now. Lake Toho's big female bass are grouping up on the outside edges of
Toho's hydrilla beds which has made for some great bass fishing, with catches of 15 to over 20
bass being caught on our Lake  Toho fishing charters with consistent catches of 8 to up over 10 
pound Florida largemouth bass.The weather at this time of year is very consistent and stable,
which in turn gives us very consistent and reliable Florida bass fishing. Now you may ask what
method for catching Lake Toho trophy bass are best. Without a doubt wild shiners are always the
best way for catching numbers of Toho bass and is also the best way for catching trophy size bass.
But, for those of you that prefer bass fishing with artificial lures, this is also a great time for
catching Toho bass. Using top water  baits early in the morning which has been producing good
numbers of bass also an occasional Toho lunker bass. Plastic worms and soft jerk baits or better
known as flukes are always Lake Toho producers fished in and around Toho's hydrilla beds.
Also rattle traps crank baits and spinner baits have been producers for Toho's bass. So, if you
are planning a trip to the Kissimmee/ Orlando area or already here in the Central Florida area.
Now is a good time for catching Lake Florida bass. To make a reservation call Captain Jackson
at (800) 738-8144 or e-mail : We know where your lake Toho trophy bass
of a lifetime lives.
Looking forward to fishing with you.
Bass wishes,  Capt.A. James Jackson

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lake Toho Bass Fishing of a Lifetime

A.J.'s Freelancer Bass Guide Service a premier fresh water Florida bass fishing guide
service since 1970. Our Florida bass fishing charters are in Central Florida on West Tohopikaliga
in Kissimmee, just minutes from Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World in Orlando.
We are the oldest largest and biggest Florida bass fishing guide service in Central Florida. We 
hold the West Lake Toho record large mouth bass weighting in at 16 pounds 10 ounces. We
also have 7 full time professional bass fishing guides working for us, all are coast guard licensed
charter boat captains and commercially insured. We are a large group of guides that work
together. Our captains produce more 10 pound plus Lake Toho bass than other guides on the 
lake. West Lake Tohopikaliga is known to be the number one trophy large mouth bass lake in
the USA. All bass fishing gear is provided, plus waters,sodas and ice. All of our boats are top
of the line tournament rigged and equipped with the best equipment available. You can rest
assure that when you go on one of our freshwater bass fishing charters that you are going with
the BEST. Our goal is to guide you to the best Lake Toho bass fishing charter of a lifetime. We
know where your trophy bass lives. Looking forward to fishing with you.

Bass wishes, Capt.A.James Jackson

Friday, September 12, 2014

Baits and Lures

Baits and Lures for Catching Lake Toho Bass
Live bait or better known as wild golden shiners are always the surest way to catch large trophy bass at anytime of the year here on Lake Toho. But, for those who prefer fishing with artificial lures. The ones that produce the best results for catching trophy Florida bass are plastic worms, soft jerk baits or better known as flukes, spinner baits, top water baits, rattle trap crank baits and spoons. Either way wild shiners or artificial lures, the bass action can be fast and furious. So, why don't you take a break from your 9 to 5 grind at work or standing in line at one of our local theme park attractions and arrange for an exciting change of pace. Come on down to sunny Central Florida, and enjoy some of our trophy bass fishing here on our world-famous West Lake Tohopekaliga (" Toho" ).